Buyer Representation

Today’s Medical/Healthcare Users, Tenants and Investors face a number of unique challenges in selecting and securing medical office space. We work with our clients to get directly to the important considerations necessary in their perfect property. By keeping the client’s needs front and center and working in their best interest, our team is able to find the best space for each individual client based on their situation. Some of their considerations include:

  • Lease vs. Own Scenarios
  • JVs, Partnerships, Equity Participation
  • Expensive and Customized Build-out
  • Facility Obsolescence for:
  • Patients and Staff
  • Parking Requirements
  • New Technology
  • Regulatory Requirements
  • Ancillary Restrictions
  • STARK Compliance
  • Equity and Guarantees
  • Lease / Tenant Issue of Excess Space
  • Survival Probability of Other Specialties
  • Demographic Trends / CPT Codes
  • Hospital Initiatives / Competition
  • On and Off Market Opportunities

The Healthcare Services Group has proven experience and unique medical market knowledge that enables our clients to make leveraged and informed facility decisions – decisions that are in their best interest. Contact us today to speak to an expert about your unique situation and how we can help resolve your current practice space issues.