Land Conversions

Specialized Medical Market Knowledge and our ability to listen to and understand our client’s goals and objectives allows us to guide clients to new sites. We have a working knowledge of:

  • Zoning and future land use
  • Competitive projects
  • Hospital initiatives
  • Demographic changes
  • Traffic concurrency
  • Planning and subdivision growth

We review and present / select sites that optimize visibility, site accessibility for staff and patients, enhance our client’s ability to gain market share which enhances their ability to grow their practice. The Medical Broker Team drives competition among site options for the benefit of our clients. We confirm and identify zoning, site constraints, development timelines and economics. Our proven process allows our clients to make informed decisions in selecting and securing an efficient and cost-effective location.

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“We have your prescription for real estate health.”

  • Demographic and Demand Analytics
  • Patient Drive Times
  • Zoning and Future Land Use
  • Raw Land
  • Conversion/Redevelopment

Financing: Modeling on the land, construction pricing and then apply market terms to potential financing gives our clients and edge and sets reasonable expectation to total project cost and occupancy cost. From new construction to refinancing, we provide our clients with aggressive and competitive financing solutions.

Construction Management: While there are some very capable healthcare contractors in our market it is typically prudent to engage one of Flagship’s construction manager to review and validate construction cost for the project.

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